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October 10, 2014 @12:47 pm

I finished reading Jazz Child yesterday afternoon. Thank you for making the time and taking the time to write this important biography of Sheila Jordan. Ellen Johnson has provided all the connective tissue to allow Sheila and her friends and musical partners to "tell her story". You have captured the person I have met a few times and allowed her to be as real in this book as she is in "real" life. Her energy just comes through. I do my reading on the subway and found myself laughing out loud, nodding my head, and trying not to cry -- and the crying not because what I was reading was sad, necessarily -- but so true. My book is full of underline-ings and stars and exclamation marks and "notes to self". I will go back soon and read it again.

Francesca Maese
October 10, 2014 @11:35 am

This is an enjoyable and inspiring book, that tells us who's in that chair and what she's doing there. Thank you.

Guy Smith