I'm always delighted to check in with Sheila Jordan when she gets back in town from her journeys. It's inspiring to hear from this 85 year old ball of fire about her travels. How she maintains the energy is beyond me and seriously, someone should put it in a bottle and sell it to the rest of us. 

I recently watched the documentary about Elaine Stritch who sadly passed away this week at the age of 89. She was another power house of a woman who brought with her years of professionalism and an era we can only read about now. I feel so very fortunate to have Sheila in my life because she brings all of that same professionalism, integrity and wisdom to each conversation and meeting. 

We talked today about how happy we both are that the book is finally coming out as it truly was a long process. One that we were not certain was going to make it to fruition at times, well at least from my point of view. I'm truly grateful to have had this opportunity to be with such a remarkable person and to be blessed to share her story. 

In the meantime, Sheila is back in town...for at least another few days and then back out on the road, again.