It's been a long journey since the inception of this book and its release. I am proud of all of the love and effort that went into every aspect of this including all of the wonderful people who helped promote this project and gave us such stunning reviews. Now there is an opportunity for everyone to read this story that covers so much of what our world is going through today. Sheila is a living example of how we can make it through difficult times, one step at a time, with a strong faith in what is true. In her case, jazz music was the key. For others it may be something else. 

Life is full of struggles and it's ultimately how we handle those situations. Allowing ourselves to fall and rise is part of the human drama. Finding a way to create beauty along the way is our contribution to this life. Sheila Jordan was able to transform her life in so many ways. I truly believe this story, along with the historical jazz information, is a valuable read. 

This fall the book will be available in paperback at a reasonable, affordable price. I hope those of you that have not had the opportunity to read this story will do so.