Our dear Sheila Jordan will receive a 2018 Bistro Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Art of Jazz Monday, March 12 at Gotham Comedy Club! 

Congratulations Sheila!

For details click on the link: 


So thrilled that the paperback has finally been released! 

I've been working hard to get the publisher to make this happen and so grateful my new editor Natalie Mandziuk took the initiative to get this off the ground! I've already had so many encouraging responses from fans, friends and students of Sheila that I'm excited to say that this should be a great success. 

For me, having the book available at a reasonable cost for people, especially music students and schools, is wonderful. It's so important to me that Sheila's story gets out to the public.

So thanks to everyone who made this book possible. 

In the meantime, I'll be doing a reading and signing in Portland, OR so hope to see some of you there!


It's been a long journey since the inception of this book and its release. I am proud of all of the love and effort that went into every aspect of this including all of the wonderful people who helped promote this project and gave us such stunning reviews. Now there is an opportunity for everyone to read this story that covers so much of what our world is going through today. Sheila is a living example of how we can make it through difficult times, one step at a time, with a strong faith in what is true. In her case, jazz music was the key. For others it may be something else. 


Life is full of struggles and it's ultimately how we handle those situations. Allowing ourselves to fall and rise is part of the human drama. Finding a way to create beauty along the way is our contribution to this life. Sheila Jordan was able to transform her life in so many ways. I truly believe this story, along with the historical jazz information, is a valuable read. 


This fall the book will be available in paperback at a reasonable, affordable price. I hope those of you that have not had the opportunity to read this story will do so. 


On Friday, October 17 Sheila Jordan & Ellen Johnson will be interviewed on "Conversations with Music"  hosted byt Cyrus Webb from 6:30p.m. et (5:30p.m. ct/3:30p.m. pt) at  .

This is the first time the two will be interviewed together talking about the biography that was recently released by Rowman and Littlefiled Publishing. 

The Award Winning shows - "Conversations LIVE!" and "Conversations with Music" with Cyrus Webb connects you with the authors and artists you love who give you the books and music you can't get enough of. There is also a mixture of breaking news combined with good entertainment. 

What an enjoyable evening of music and celebration for the release of my book Jazz Child: A Portrait of Sheila Jordan. The band was wonderful thanks to the talents of Jason Martineau, piano; Peter Barshay, bass; and Bryan Bowman, drums. And of course the good sound work of Lee Brenkman - without that we are all toast!

We did all kinds of songs with connections to Sheila and myself including tunes by Charles Mingus, Sonny Rollins, John Coltrane, Joni Mitchell and originals. A special happy birthday version of "Round Midnight" for Thelonious Monk and a special double song to honor Sheila, "A Bird Song For Sheila," based on Charlie Parker's, "Now's The Time" with Jim Snidero's melody line and my lyrics in tribute to Sheila. 

Laurie Antonioli gave a beautiful introduction to the evening. She and I share a deep love for Sheila and an enduring mentorship through the years. I was so honored to have her spend the evening there in celebration of a lady we love and admire!

Another special guest was photographer extraordinare, Brian McMillian, who contributed the front cover photo for the book along with several other photos inside the book. He has been such a great support throughout the book experience that it was so much fun to have his presence there and to hear me sing live for the first time.

So many of my students were there to hear me sing too so it was such a blessing to share some of the music that has moved me then and now.  It's been a while since I've done a concert and so I appreciate all that goes into making these types of events a reality. The California Jazz Conservatory (Jazzschool) has been such a huge support to these events. My last one was a year ago in the spring doing the vocal music of Charles Mingus. 

As always, my wonderful partner, Jeff Foster, was there to take photos and a few video clips which I appreciate so much. He gets to see the completion of my ideas for these events from start to finish. 

The only missing piece was my dear friend, and the subject of the book, Sheila Jordan, who was busy singing her way through Norway! No one can keep that lady from her travels to share her music with the world. She is an inspiration to us all!

Thanks again to all who attending or lent a hand to making this a successful concert.

If you missed it, hope to see you in the future! 

Sheila and I received our books this week and we are thrilled!

There has been such an overwhelming response to her biography and we are both so pleased that is has finally made it into the hands of the public. 

Thank you to all of the people who made this book possible from the photographers, contributors, publisher, fans, and friends. This was truly a labor of love and we couldn't have made it a reality without you.

Please leave us your comments about how you enjoyed the book on our website. We look forward to hearing from you!


So today Rowman & Littlefield released the book, although it says the book is not available yet on Amazon. 
That means that the book is in the publisher's warehouse but not yet in the hands of the distributors. 

I don't even have a copy yet! 

So we are all anxiously waiting for this book and I have had so many wonderful requests for interviews, reviews and so many people that just want to read the book. 

Sheila is a mentor for so many wonderful singers and musicians and it made me realize how important this is to them. 

I'm feeling great that this book will touch so many people. 


Well, here we are. Just 20 days from the release of Jazz Child: A Portrait of Sheila Jordan.

What an amazing journey it has been so far and now the best is yet to come. People will be able to read the story of this wonderful woman with all of her fascinating life stories and the music she has devoted her life to singing and teaching. 

Thanks to Jeff Foster (Sound Visions Media) for putting together this book trailer for me. There is so much I could say so it was tough to edit it into just 5 minutes. I hope this will encourage those who don't know Sheila to want to read her story.

The book is available for pre-sales through Amazon, the publisher Rowman and Littlefield and of course at other bookstores online and otherwise. 



I'm always delighted to check in with Sheila Jordan when she gets back in town from her journeys. It's inspiring to hear from this 85 year old ball of fire about her travels. How she maintains the energy is beyond me and seriously, someone should put it in a bottle and sell it to the rest of us. 

I recently watched the documentary about Elaine Stritch who sadly passed away this week at the age of 89. She was another power house of a woman who brought with her years of professionalism and an era we can only read about now. I feel so very fortunate to have Sheila in my life because she brings all of that same professionalism, integrity and wisdom to each conversation and meeting. 

We talked today about how happy we both are that the book is finally coming out as it truly was a long process. One that we were not certain was going to make it to fruition at times, well at least from my point of view. I'm truly grateful to have had this opportunity to be with such a remarkable person and to be blessed to share her story. 

In the meantime, Sheila is back in town...for at least another few days and then back out on the road, again. 

Here I am in the final stretch of releasing the book. 
I am very thrilled to finally get this out to the world and now on the next part of the journey with Sheila. 



Both Sheila and I are looking forward to the book finding its way into the hands of not only jazz fans, students and colleagues but people who might be inspired by this story to help with their own lives. We are both anticipating the reviews, interviews and all the fun that will go with bringing this book out to the world.



There are so many people we have to thank, most especially to our publisher for all of their belief in this project, including the book in their Jazz Series and the actual physical manifestation of what has been living in my head for the last 6 or more years. Thank you Rowman and Littlefield, Bennett, Monica and Kellie!


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